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Web Security & Performance Optimization

Want to secure your website & enhance peromance?

The enhanced uses of new technologies have brought unprecedented threats with them. And unfortunately, the websites, portals, and other web services are prone to these threats and cyber attacks.

We’re here to fight with these threats and increase your performance through our best Web Security & Performance Optimization Service. Our service was founded on the principle that small, medium and large sized business can be assured that we are taking care of their web presence with our reliable, high-tech security at a very affordable cost.

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Features of Our Web Security

Once your website is a part of our security services, it’s traffic is moved through our several security protocols, SSL certificates and optimization protocols. And all these will ensure a very safe browsing atmosphere for you and your site visitors. Following are some features of our Web Security Service.

Bot Mitigation

Using advanced client classification, crowdsourcing and reputation scoring, we distinguish between “good” and “bad” bot traffic. This allows the blocking of known bad or suspicious bot activity such as comment spam, scraping and vulnerability scanning. And thus making sure that legitimate bots such as Google, Facebook and Pingdom can freely access your website.

Web Application Firewall

Our cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) safeguards your websites and applications from any web attack. So, you can avoid costly data breaches and downtime. Based on our industry-leading technology, our WAF protects against the most critical web application security risks. These includes SQL injection, cross-site scripting, illegal resource access, remote file inclusion and other OWASP Top 10 threats.

Backdoor Protection

Our Backdoor Protection detects and blocks any attempt by hackers to install or operate a backdoor on your site. It also notifies you of the location of the backdoor so you can instantly remove it. First, we detect backdoors by eavesdropping on the website traffic. Then, we quarantine the backdoor by denying access to it, rendering it useless. Finally, we notify the website administrator and pinpoints the backdoor for removal.

DDOS Protection

Our DDoS Protection is capable of mitigating all types of DDoS attacks, targeting any type of online service. Combining a robust network backbone and industry-acclaimed traffic inspection solutions, we provide comprehensive protection against all application, network, and protocol-based DDoS attacks. Moreover, our multi-faceted approach to protection leverages a suite of complementary anti-DDoS solutions that together offer blanket protection from all such threats

Performance Optimization

We provide a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which is a globally distributed network of data centers that deliver full site acceleration through intelligent caching and content optimization tools. Our application-aware CDN dynamically profiles website resources and identifies all cacheable content (dynamic and static), including content that other CDNs consider to be uncacheable.

Global CDN & Caching

Our provided CDN is a powerful network of data centers located around the world that delivers full site acceleration. On average, websites using Incapsula’s CDN are 50% faster and consume 40%-70% less bandwidth. Harnessing a unique combination of application-aware traffic analysis, dynamic profiling and intelligent caching technologies, our CDN maximizes cacheable content while ensuring that the most frequently accessed resources are always served from memory.

Content and Networking Optimization

We use a number of content optimization techniques to accelerate performance and minimize latency. Minification shrinks the size of your web pages by removing unnecessary characters on the fly. Image compression improves performance by reducing the size of images sent to the user. Session optimization reduces the number of open connections to your web server (e.g., SSL sites), helping to reduce initial connection time and unnecessary latency.

Web Security & Performance Optimization

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