iPhone 6 Innovation or Renovation

iPhone 6
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iPhone 6 Innovation or Renovation

Back on Tuesday, January 9th, 2007 in San Francisco Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple.Inc released a revolutionary device called the “iPhone”.

As the legend, Mr. Jobs, famously said ”We are gonna make history tonight” It actually did, over 6 million units were sold worldwide. iPhone was the 1st mobile which created a hype for a cell phone which was far intense than a movie release or even similar to a presidential election. People queued over Apple store for weeks before it released.

The tradition remains even till now and it only got more severe as now people actually camp out before Apple store long before it’s release. After iPhone 1’s huge success the 2nd generation iPhone was sold more than 1 million units on it’s 1st week of release. Apple kept on growing to a point when it was announced that Apple has more money than US treasury. But what is stored in for iPhone’s future? How much iPhone is wooing us or it’s just a brand name factor that’s pulling the buyer towards it.

iPhone 6 is truly a remarkable device with 4.7”/5.5” large retina HD displays, apple pay or even a faster processor and GPU. But is it the innovation which apple represents or is famous for. It’s becoming harder for even the diehard fans to see the innovation which sets Apple apart. Some of the open to debate aspects of the new iPhone 6 is:

Size: In 2014 iPhone came up with a larger display when it’s been for years other competitors are a known player of that field. iPhone not only got larger they decided to drop the previous perfect snug size which many preferred. The question is if they are emphasizing on a larger display so much that they stopped the previous size so why they had to wait for so long to release the larger screen size?

Camera: Back on 2011 when the iPhone 4S was released the epic sage of 8mp camera of iPhone began and guess what even now in 2014 it did not end. Apple infamously decided to stick with the 8mp sight when other smartphones have ventured for more than 40mp camera years ago. Even though it’s a great camera and the uses of higher megapixel can be defined as ostentatious only but still Apple should have increased it to even a little bit to keep up with the market trend. But then again when Apple ever have given up to peer pressure? They are always busy to set a trend of their own but thing is how much it’s going to attract positive attention.

Apple Pay: 1st of all truly a remarkable feature. All of us has faced the hassle of using multiple cards and to bring 1 out and pay is more struggle then the process of earning that amount of money. So now we are offered a feature which reduces our need to bring physical cards with us. If the icloud hack situation was not looming over Apple’s tree we would have been head over hills with this innovative feature. Now amidst this crucial time of Apple’s reputation of securing data, a lot of us is going to be quite skeptical how secure we are going to be by storing our financial information on Apple’s site.

Breakthrough features: This year iphone brought us… erm wait nothing exciting or to be more precise nothing new. Size, camera, raw power, sports & health utility or even Apple pay is not enough to bring the true innovation Apple is all about. How much it’s keeping up with the competition on this department remains a big question mark. Where we’ve smartphones with waterproof, dust proof ability where we’ve features like face recognition ANT+, NFC & ultra power saving features, we will only have to wait and see how iPhone 6 truly excites it’s user apart from the brand name and it’s quality. – See more at: iPhone 6 Innovation or Renovation at isnare.com

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