Advantages & Disadvantages of 3G Network

3G Technology
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Advantages & Disadvantages of 3G Network

Before jumping into any conclusion, we all should know the Advantages & Disadvantages of the 3G Network.


  1. The customers will get a high-speed network for their communication which is far better than the 2G technology, particularly in data communication.
  2. The customer will get wireless broadband.
  3. Customers can see video or satellite based programs like TV programs using this technology.
  4. Customers can use all the facilities at the same time.
  5. It may also be cheap than the other traditional media we are using, as a result of a price war.
  6. The many in one service will be available on the same network. Due to the use of the DTH & the 3G technology, everyone will use this multi-purpose services to avoid time loss and keeping records for different service providers.
  7. Uninterrupted video streaming on phones.
  8. Video calls and big MMS.
  9. Good for data intensive applications.
  10. 3G is cheaper for providers, however, plans are more expensive due to the high cost of implementation of the 3G network.
  11. 3G enables video calls, therefore, business conferencing between cities, states, and even countries
  12. Picture messaging allows products, progress or problems to be shown visually
  13. Applications that are more data intensive can b developed and used
  14. 3G networks allow everyday people to access music, pictures, and videos with ease creating a bigger and open market for those industries in advertising
  15. Extremely faster than previous networks
  16. Increase in handset internet usage lead t businesses using social networking applications to advertise



  1. Since in telecom sector, there is much competition, so the companies have a very marginal price for their facilities.
  2. The companies, who will not get a license from the spectrum distribution authorities will suffer to use only 2G, which will badly affect their business. In this situation, these companies will either disappear from this sector or will run with losses. Because of the customers will start to use the services of the companies having the 3G technology.
  3. Due to the use of the DTH & the 3G technology, everyone will use this multi-purpose services to avoid time loss and keeping records for different service providers. So, the traditional cable business will badly affected by implementing this new technology.
  4. The radiation of magnetic waves generated with the heavily use of the wireless system will affect our life also. More uses of the services will have more effect on us. The radiation of the magnetic waves are danger for our life. Long use can affect our brains.
  5. The mobiles are not suitable devices to see TV or web browsing. So, initially this service may be used in mass but in future, mobile can not be used to see the TV or for Internet surfing. Which will affect the business of the 3G.

Thus we see here that the disadvantages are more than the advantages of the 3G technology from the service providers as well as from customer point of view. Also, it will cause to damage the existence of some businesses like cable operator business or 2G service. So, some of these may be kept in mind while we implement the 3G technology.


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