15 Reasons why you will love iPhone 6 & 6+

iPhone 6
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15 Reasons why you will love iPhone 6 & 6+

Here are the reasons why you’ll love iPhone 6 & 6+

  1. Selfies will be more beautiful: The front camera has improved face detection and there’s something called “burst mode” which will enable you to take 10 rapid shots so you can chose the perfect selfie with one click.
  2. Ion strengthened glass: It basically means your iphone 6’s glass screen is less likely to shatter
  3. Better Camera: A new revamped camera with new sensors, focus technology and lot more to brag about. The camera will perform better in low light and shaky clickers will have a better go at it.
  4. Bigger phones: Both phones are bigger and slimmer than the previous versions
  5. Biggest storage: You can get upto 128gb of storage which is actually brilliant
  6. Predictive keyboard: An all new keyboard which will learn your conversational style.
  7. Display changes to make space for your typing: While you type the display accommodates so you can type more with comfort
  8. Better battery life: It has a powerful battery in every aspect than iphone5s
  9. Screen mode: home screen can be both horizontal and vertical
  10. Message revamped: Voice,video and locations can be add to any message.
  11. Thinner design: It’s thinner than ever before and cherry on top is that it has curves
  12. Retina Display HD: The new retina display HD screen is set to amaze you.
  13. WiFi Calling: Now you can call from your basement or from network deadspot using wifi.
  14. Fitness apps: New M8 motion processor can track what kind of activity you are doing
  15. Cashless finger touch payment: Apple pay enables you to pay within giving out card info.

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