11 new SEO trends to adopt to in 2017

11 SEO Trends 2017
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11 new SEO trends to adopt to in 2017

In this modern era of digitization, it is almost impossible to make it in digital marketing without a proper website. You can have a great site with no visitors which will put all your efforts in vain. In today’s highly thriving market, the consumers research online a lot before purchasing anything. They not only do research they also compare products, read reviews and search for negative feedback. So if you want to cash in here you can’t only bank on your site’s great interface but you also need to concentrate on traffic growth and make your site more visible.


With this very need in mind, a quite new profession was created called the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professional. Now it has become rudimental for every online or physical business. Almost all business now need a web presence and want to rank better in search engines. SEO enables owners to rank higher in search engines and resulting in bringing more money from digital landscape.


SEO is one of the components of the web industry that keeps on evolving at a blinding speed. If you pause for few months before you start again you need to be educated with changes, otherwise, the same things that brought you to higher ranks can make you sink at the bottom. Google keep on updating their algorithm with unpredictable changes with all the secrecy. One need to stay vigilant and updated with all the changes to be great at it.


Today, 11 new techniques will be discussed for 2017 to stay at the top of the search engine result pages (SERP):


On-Site SEO Techniques

(1) The mobile site is the game changer: According to Bing proprietary data, most users use mobile or tablets during the morning commute, evening, late nights and prime times. So, if you did not adopt to a responsive site for different size of the screen, your site might be missing out on this huge slice of a pie of mobile users.

(2) Voice is the new black: Incorporate an option to use voice search for the customer. Help them with a hassle-free voice searching option and not only them, google will also thank you for it.

(3) Fast and Furious: In this era of speed, let it be net speed or CPU speed, your site need to be super fast. Let go off all the unnecessary weight and make your site blazing fast.

(4) Content is still the king: Focus on creating in-depth well-researched content. Put more emphasis on fresh unique content than the size of the content.

(5) Strong social media visibility: Be visible in social media more than ever before. Interact with clients- like, share and comment and you will have a flood of traffic coming from various social media profiles.

(6) Use longtail keywords: Try to use narrowed down long tail keywords for competitive advantages. Longtail keywords face less competition and generate more traffic now.

(7) Switch to secure “HTTPS”: Make the switch to HTTP from HTTP. Keep your client safe and see your rank soaring up.

(8) User experience Optimization is vital: Creating a beautiful speedy site is important but creating a site that is easy to use can be the difference between you and your competitors. Make the site very user-friendly and provide assistance to navigate through it, will also boost your ranking.

(9) Multiple Search engine platforms: While Google is the king but you need to give emphasis on yahoo and bing as well. All together you will get a better result.

(10) Accelerated mobile Pages( AMP): An open source tool that enables webmasters to create pages that will load almost instantly on mobile devices. 2017 will be the year when google will favor mobile sites with AMP’s loaded in.

(11) An App is a must: Last few years we’ve seen SEO options available for mobile apps. App indexing to deep linking of content inside the apps. Google up until now didn’t show any special interest in app users but in 2017 we may observe a massive shift to app preference by google. Soon app will replace sites, so Google is heading that direction with every passing moment.


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    great article ! I’ll try longtail keywords!

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    Really good instruction about new SEO trends available in the market. This will help to develop SEO skills.

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    Informative and helpful post for all the newbies likes me. Thanks for your it really helped me a lot to boos up my SEO skils.

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    Very effective post for learning SEO and it a Assam article.

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